Our focus lies in providing services to small & mid-size businesses seeking expert brand strategy and design services to improve and overcome their marketing challenges and drive growth.

We Build Powerful Brands for Companies Which Want to Increase Sales and Grow.

Combining our proven and comprehensive brand strategy with design expertise to create compelling and creative visuals that drive toward your business goals.


Specialized in Brand Strategy and Identity Design.

We assist businesses in gaining clarity and valuable insights by developing coherent brand strategies and creative brand identities. Let us help you outshine your competitors, grow, and make a lasting impact.


With over 18 years of experience working with more than 140 brands, we have observed many times that companies which are inconsistent, lack clarity, or don’t know their main target group harm their business.


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01. Brand Strategy

02. Identity Design

The foundation of every company is to systematically develop, build, and maintain a successful brand that attracts customers.


We view your business from different angles to understand your business and gain clarity about what is needed. Then, we collaboratively develop what your brand should stand for and how it can enhance your business.


Building a strong and clear brand means more than having a logo. It includes and influences all areas of your company.

The visual representation of your company builds upon the brand strategy to represent your business across all touchpoints.


We design a unique brand identity that amplifies your voice, grows with your business, and remains authentic.


We provide you with all the necessary elements you need to successfully (re)launch your business in alignment with your new brand from day one.

From Strategic Vision to Visual Excellence



Our Brand Strategy and Design Services lay the foundation for bringing your brand to life, attracting customers, and communicating with clarity – essential elements for your business to truly grow.


+  Logo

+  Brand Manual/Style Guide

+  Marketing, Sales & Brand Collateral

+  Package Design

+  Keynote Presentations


+  POS Material

+  Social Media Banners

+  Website Design

+  Website Architecture

+  Website Wireframe & Prototyping


+  Brand Strategy Workshop

+  Brand Implementation Plan


Highlighted Projects

CORAL Sushi Lounge

EUG Architects

MAGNA – Software Development

Tautou Cookware

A. Simon Brown Lawyer

Treasures – Childcare Academy

Leverage our Brand Strategy and Design Services for Faster Business Growth.


Many companies are making the mistake of starting right away with marketing campaigns and advertising, without having a clear brand, effective website structure or consistent marketing material in place.


This leads to wasting money, poor marketing performance, and also damages the perception about your company, product, or service in the long run.


Increased Revenue

Consistent branding across all platforms can increase revenue up to 23%.


Brand Recognition

A signature color boosts brand recognition by 80%.


Brand Loyalty

Shared values are a primary factor for customers to have a relationship with the brand.


Market Share

Companies with a strong brand outperform competitors in terms

of market share by up to 73%.


Your Journey to Success

Discovery Call

A short (30-minute), non-obligatory phone call for us to get to know you, understand your company's objectives and challenges, and outline our process. This will set a clear foundation of what to expect.

Kick-off Meeting

The first meeting (remote or in-person) is a crucial stage where we explain the importance of each element in our framework. This step ensures a shared understanding and is setting the stage for our brand strategy workshop process.

Brand Strategy Workshop
Design Work

We refine the workshop findings and leverage these insights to develop a strategic roadmap for introducing your new brand to the world. We also deliver all design assets, ready for you to implement and scale. Additionally, we offer brand consulting and design services.

Words of Appreciation


Effective communication isn't just about what you say – it's about connecting with your audience on a deeper level. Discover how value-based messaging can differentiate your brand, resonate with customers, and drive meaningful engagement in an increasingly crowded marketplace.


Download our FREE Value-Based Messaging framework to transform your interactions with customers and elevate your brand.

Are you frustrated with ineffective communication?

Craft Compelling Messages

A Guide to Value-Based Messaging





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Tickle Your Brain.

Brand Strategy – The Second Most Important Asset

3 Steps to Successfully Implement Brand Strategy

The Business Value of Design

By Lex Chilton

By Lex Chilton

By Lex Chilton

The best brand strategy in the world will only make a positive impact on your business if you introduce your brand effectively.

Your brand lives in the minds of consumers. This means your most valuable business asset is out of your direct control. However, you can influence and shape their perception.

How do the best design performers increase their revenues and shareholder returns at nearly twice the rate of their industry counterparts? It’s fairly obvious when we think about icon designs, like Apple’s sleek and minimal icon design.

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