EDISON is a Phoenix based, fluent advertising agency with a professional team of thinkers, designers, programmers, and artists. We help businesses to solve their marketing needs by building a bridge between their business goals and the necessary creative execution. We provide and deliver material which is business goal oriented. Never defined by one media, we move between print and online.


It doesn‘t matter if you are a small business, a start-up or a company who seeks expansion. We work side-by-side with you to tackle your marketing problems!


Thomas A. Edison's invention brought light into our homes ... but it did so much more! It triggered a social change by bringing people access to electricity and paving the way for electric appliances, which improved everyone’s lives!



We at EDISON work with talents from a wide range of fields to expand our talent pool.


Lex Chilton

Founder, Creative Director


Lex brings more than a decade of experience in advertising to the table. After college, Lex went to Ogilvy & Mather in Frankfurt, Germany, where he had the privilege to learn from great creative and inspiring marketing leaders who challenged him and taught him what it's all about in the advertising business. It didn’t take long until he earned the title art director. He also took on challenging tasks at COBRA (BBDO Group). He managed clients in the fields of Pharmacy, Automobile, Food and Telecommunication. After moving to the United States, he worked for Non-Profit clients like Arthritis Foundation and Susan G. Komen at Merkle, Inc. (Columbia, MD), where he established his field of experience to become an all-rounder.

Tanya Chilton

Founder, Graphic Design & Strategy


Tanya is a talented, Typography loving, conceptual thinker. Full of excitement and creativity which also reflects in her work. She is a real multi talent, thanks to her broad experience. With a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, a Draftsman diploma, several years of academic studies in Theatre-, Movie- and Media Science, multiple years of work experience as a manager in the fashion industry on client side in Europe, she truly understands the big picture. She keeps everything moving and does what it takes to get things done and nothing gets missed.



We are straight shooters, always open and direct with you! We always give you our best advice and talk you through every step along the way.


We are a group of passionate professionals in our field in different parts of the world.


We laugh a lot and always think positive. Having fun is an essential part of being and staying creative.


The engine that makes us search not only for 'a' way, we want to find the right way.


We have our hearts in the right place! We love to give back and offer our services pro bono to selected non-profit organizations. Current project: Haiti-We-Help.


We don't rest until everyone is happy and satisfied with the result.

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